Delicious Sushi Buffet in San Antonio, TX

We understand that if you've never tried sushi, you may be skeptical of it. Sushi is a traditional Japanese food consisting of cooked rice and other ingredients including seafood, vegetables and more. When people think of sushi, they often think of raw fish- but there are so many more options available! From cooked crab to spicy tuna, the options are almost limitless!

Some of the most popular rolls in American are Westernized varieties of traditional Japanese sushi rolls. From the very common to more obscure, there is sure to be a roll that will delight your taste buds! If you are trying sushi for the first time, we recommend you try a California Roll. This roll is made with raw or cooked crab, nori, cucumber and sesame seeds. Another popular roll is the Alaskan Roll which consists of smoked salmon, asparagus and avocado. Yum!

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Whether you're a first time sushi experimenter or you enjoy sushi regularly, you have to try our sushi buffet in San Antonio, TX! China King Buffet offers fresh Chinese food in the buffet style you have come to know and love. Visit us tonight to check out what we have to offer!